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310WSE301101-Strike E301
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310WSE301101-Strike E301

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Frosted Clear frame, HC/AF lens coating

PC Clear

Gaining compliance with PPE (personal protection equipment) policies remains a key challenge for Health and Safety Professionals! This can be particularly evident among younger employees and that’s why WORKSafe® has developed the Strike safety goggles with them in mind.

Pioneering full vision goggles with exceptional wearer comfort, pressure never becomes a problem, even after long periods of wear. The lower and upper part of body is frosted to protect against light reflection and glare. Strike is suitable for use with half masks and filtering half masks.

Strike provides protection, total comfort and peace of mind. This is the goggles your workers will want to wear.

Additional Features:

    Soft, flexible body adapts to face curvature, providing an exceptional snug
    fit for all-day comfort and maximum protection even in extreme conditions.
    Optically perfected polycarbonate lens deliver excellent peripheral vision
    and provides complete protection –even over prescription spectacles.
    Headband offers individually adaptable length.
    Optimal ventilation produces a pleasantly fresh interior environment.
    Anatomical nose cushioning offers a secure and pressure-free fit.
    Suitable for use with half masks and filtering face masks.
    Cheek protector integrated with lens.
    100% ultra-violet (UV) protection.
    Anti-fog coating prevents fogging, enhancing safety.
    Hard coating for scratch resistance.
    Higher velocity impact resistance (76.2 m/s or 250 ft/s) than acetate lens.
    Complies with USA ANSI Z87.1-2003 and Singapore SS473.1999 standards.


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