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C11- Round Container 550 ML
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C11- Round Container 550 ML

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Product Description

Container Rectangular

Capacity  550ml


Keeping food fresh
Prevents evaporation and smell is its basic function, BIOKIPS also keeps the freshness of food by applying its CEM Bio technology

Deodorization as well as preventing denaturation and rot
It prevents denaturation and rot of food by restraint of bacteria and mold as well as removing bad smells

100% airtight covers
As the new locking airtight mechanism makes the silicon packing across the vessels press uniformly so that it can be sealed perfectly.

Hygienic and neat shapes
As the new locking mechanism hides the linkage structure, it creates a simple shape without protrusions and easy to wash, proper to use ready-to-be on the table.

Free from environmental hormones such as Dioxine
BIOKIPS keeps the family health because it is made of non-polluted materials approved by the FDA in the US and it is free from the environmental hormone so that the national official institute certified the safeness and gave it the H.S mark seal of approval

Maximizing space through modular design.
The various shapes and sizes of BIOKIPS can maximize the space in your refrigerator through its modular design that enables stacking of multiple units

Solid durability/ Transparency
BIOKIPS is durable to external impact or rapid change in temperature and can assure its users of being an extremely durable food container withstanding 2.0 million tests of cover lockers. Its clear transparency makes it easy for users to identify the contents within.

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