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Mini Wireless Camera Night Vision Function Smart Video
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Mini Wireless Camera Night Vision Function Smart Video

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Wireless Kamera Night Vision Fungsi Cerdas Perekam Video

Cartoon style, introders can not easily be found. DIY users to install, can be widely used in home security, traffic monitoring,  security offices and shops and so on, can play on your computer and store recorded video and simultaneously record the time and date of filming. Automatically overwrite th old data and maintain data in real-time update.


- Easy to operate

- Immediately after power is turned into th “smart” working condition. When the detected object 

  when the work will start automatically

- Memory using TF card. Maximum support 8 GB

- High compression ratio of vedio storage format

- Image clarity. Resolution: VGA(640 x 480)

- Built-in lithium-ion batteries, can support the continuing work of 4.5 hours

- AC adapter with power supply. To ensure that the work can continue

- With infrared night vision device can work in the envening


Package included

- 1 x Wireless Camera

- 1 x AC adapter

- 1 x TF card case

- 1 x Disk

- 1 x Sticker

- 1 x User manual

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