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Motion Sensor Light LED Lights FK-700AD
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Motion Sensor Light LED Lights FK-700AD

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Motion Sensor Light LED Infrared Inductive Lights FK-700AD
Motion Sensor Light, photosensitive LED lights automatically turn on when you approach in the dark and shut off 30 seconds later, doubles as a security light to deter intruders. Easy to mount, no wires, electricity or installation needed.

  • Induction distance: 2-5 m;
  • Induction Angle: level 140 °, up and down 100 °;
  • Batteryspecifications: No. 3 AA batteries (products do not contain battery).

LED infrared inductive lights have three use state:

  • Automatic lighting: set switch to AUTO, put in the bedroom, corridor, the bathroom, storage room etc, can automatically capture the activities of the human body to light up, convenient for you to find the light switches or take some small things; when children wake up do some activities,  the light automatic up, reduce children's fears;
  • Manual lighting: set switch to ON, will be able to continue to help lighting light, and can carry just like a desk lamp;
  • Close lighting: set switch to OFF.

Warm reminding:

  • 1. When you use the product induction function, please set the switch to AUTO, when in the dark (light less than 10 LUX) environment, and our products will be automatic detection;
  • 2. When you enter induction range (positive 5 meters, level about 140 ° Angle, and up and down about 100 ° Angle), the light will be lit up, and go out after 30 seconds people walk away or no action;
  • 3. When you turn on the light, the surrounding environment to be brighten, this product can continue to light up to 30 s, to prevent trouble caused by suddenly loses light.

Package included:

  • 1 x Motion Sensor Light LED Infrared Inductive Lights FK-700AD

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